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The following listings are from Lute Society members. Items are removed after approximately 12 months unless we have been notified of the sale. Abridged versions of small ads appear in Lute News magazine, published quarterly. Non-members can advertise for a single payment of £10, contact us for details. Sections refer to month the item was listed here. If you submit a item for the listing, please notify us when it is sold.

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As you can see, information about your lute should include:- number of courses, string length, maker, year made, historical model if any, general remarks about special characteristics, whether with hard case, your city/region/country, asking price, contact details.

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Jan 2017

New 7 course lute after Venere, by Martin Shepherd 60cm string length, 13 plum ribs with holly spacers, holly/ebony veneered neck and pegbox, plum pegs. £4000 including Kingham case. see for details.

Bandora - excellent instrument by Maish Weisman. Has wooden ‘coffin’ case. £2000 Contact: Douglas Wootton Email: Tel: 07904114437 South East London.

Nov 2016

7-course Renaissance lute Maker: Marcus Mevissen (around 1990). String length 64,0 cm. Body: 11 ribs of prune wood, very elegant rose. Strong and full sound; in excellent state. Price €3200-, including lightweight case (Kingham). For more information and photographs:

6-course renaissance lute by Bert Claudius (1981) after Hans Frei (Bologna c1520); string length 66,8 cm. Very deep and clear sounding instrument, suited for tuning in F or E. In perfect condition. Price lowered to €3200,- (was €3750) including case. For more information and photographs:

9-course bass lute by Carel Huiskamp (2011), string length 76,0 cm; excellent action. Sonorous and strong instrument – listen to the 2CD Resveillez vous (music by Nicolas Vallet – both solo and in ensemble). Price lowered to €3100,- (was €3500) including case. For more information and photographs:

Bass vihuela de mano by Carel Huiskamp (2009), string length 76,0 cm. Neck and pegbox in cherry. Elegant and deep sounding instrument. Price lowered to €2650,- (was €2900) including Kingham case. For more information and photographs:

13 course baroque lute Made by Ian Watchorn in Melbourne, Australia in 1996, after Martin Hoffman, with a beautiful tone. The top is Swiss spruce (called 'Bear Claw'). The back is of rosewood which was typical for 13 course baroque lutes around 1725. Hard case included. Price is New Zealand Dollars Four Thousand.The lute is located in South Africa. .

Sept 2016

6c Lute by Martin Haycock after Gerle (2007). Stopped string length 60cm. It is a beautiful sounding lute with great projection, and a particularly beautiful figured ash back. I am only selling it since another lute is coming in. Sold with Kingham case. Lute can be seen in Paris. Photos available: picture picture picture . For more details contact Benjamin Narvey at

Aug 2016

4-course medieval (plectrum) lute by Carel Huiskamp (1990) after a fresco by Francesco del Cossa (Palazzo Schiffanoia, Ferrara), string length 53,6 cm. Double rose ornamented in gold foil. Strong and brilliantly sounding instrument. Price €1750 including hard case. For more information and photographs:

July 2016

13 course chitarrone, made in 2003 by Marcello Armand-Pilon, Cremona. 83/1.64 cm. Comes with a dark green Kingham Case. € 4600,-. In very good condition. Pictures on request. Please contact Samir Suez, Paris or in England,

May 2016

Chitarrone 85/170cm by Martin Bowers 1983 (restored by Martin in 2003), 3400 Euro
8-course lute 60cm by Martin Bowers 2000 (sound board redone in 2014 by Gyorgy Lorinczi), 1600 Euro
Baroque guitar 66cm by Luciano Fatia 2004, 1200 Euro, all in Belgrade, Serbia, contact Andrej Jovanic,

6-course Bandora by Peter Forrester (1981) after Barley (parallel frets), 1596. This Bandora belonged until 1999 to Anthony Bailes. String length 76,2 cm, Length instrument 115 cm. Comes with an original wood-case by Peter Forrester. All in perfect condition. Asking for 2400 Euro. Bandora can be visited near Basel/Basle. Pics available. For more information please contact: Christoph Greuter,,

Venetian Archlute (Liuto Attiorbato) after Sellas, by Ivo Magherini 2010. Gorgeous Hazel spruce top and birdseye maple back. Mensur 62/110cms. Currently strung 1 x 1, 13 x 2 / g (a=415). Very little used instrument in mint condition. EUR 4800 including Kingham case. Instrument can be seen very close to Munich, pictures on request. contact: Peter Toeppel

Feb 2016

13 course baroque lute (string length over fingerboard=70 cm), 14 course baroque lute (string length over fingerboard=70 cm) and 14 course chitarrone (93/168 cm) by Tihamer Romanek. All three are new instruments, in mint condition held in the workshop since they were made. Prices: EU 3600, 4800, 5800 respectively (+case, if needed to have it made here in Hungary, + cost of shipping - personal delivery relatively close to Hungary is also an option). You can see photos, read more details and hear the sound of one of them at . Please contact: Gabor Domjan at

Dec 2015

The late Pavlos Vlachos’s lutes on sale in Athens, at the shop of Yannis Samouelian. If there are more questions kindly mail me and I can supply photographs ,size materials etc. Price is 900€ almost for all with a small variation for a couple of instruments. Yannis Samouelian :

  • 6 courses: one lute 55 cm vibrating string length
  • 7 courses: two lutes in 56 cm ,one 55cm ,one 59 cm
  • 8 courses: two lutes in 60 cm one in 62 cm
  • 9 courses: one lute 61,5 cm
  • 10 course: one lute 65 cm
  • 11 courses: one lute 70 cm one 65 cm

Liuto attiorbato, made in 1982 by Brian Cohen, with beautiful inlays on the front and back of the neck, 64. cm. string length, comes with a Savage and Hoy case € 5500,- Located in Germany and in very good playing condition. Pictures and more information on request from Suzanne van Os

14-course single-strung french theorbo by Lars Jönsson, 2011. Seven courses on the neck, 82 cm, and seven basses, 157 cm. Located in Stockholm, Sweden. EUR 4800, incl. Kingham case. Contact Johan Jonsson at

Nov 2015

6-course lute made in 1985 by Brian Cohen. A very beatiful instrument with 59,5 cm. The body is in two colors, yew. Comes with a black Savage & Hoy case.
price € 3000,
18 course chitarrone, single-strung, made in 1996 by Marcello Armand-Pilon, Cremona. Mensur 84/1.62 cm. after Sellas in Mantua. A beautiful instrument in yew. Comes with a dark green Kingham Case. € 4600,-. In very good condition. It has played many Monteverdi vespers! Please contact Suzanne van Os, D-76726 Germersheim

14 course single-strung theorbo by Steven Barber and Sandi Harris, 1985. Seven courses on the neck, 88.5 cm., and seven basses, 169 cm. 37 ribs in a very beautiful red and black pattern, which also appears on the fingerboard. A forced sale due to the difficult economic situation in Greece. Euros 6,000.00 plus shipping. contact Dimitris Nikas, Kypseli, Athens, Greece, tel: 0030210 823 8951 or Robin Jeffrey, UK, , +44 01892 852878